Libigrow natural herbal tablets for men - penis enlarger review information

1. What makes Libigrow different from other male enhancement products?
Libigrow is 100% NATURAL and is the most powerful over the counter herbal sexual supplement for men in the market! Best of all, you don't need a dietary regiment of Libigrow for it to work. By focusing on your body's libido, Libigrow can go to work fast and the rest is up to you. You decide how much you want Libigrow to work. It's that simple.

2. Can Libigrow be taken by men who DO NOT have erectile dysfunction?

YES, YES, YES. Any man who wants to increase his sexual activity and dramatically boost his performance can take Libigrow. Let's be honest here, how many of us out there haven't dreamt of performing like a star? Most of us can't due to various stressors or pressures in our daily lives. By taking Libigrow, you CAN perform like you've always dreamt about AND you don't need a lifetime supply of Libigrow to do so.

3. Can Libigrow be taken by men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED)?

YES. However, we at believe in the medical process and URGE all men with ED or other medical conditions to consult with their physicians before taking ANY nutraceuticals and participating in ANY strenuous activities. For a more in-depth answer to this question, please visit our SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION page.

4. Does Libigrow increase the size of my penis?

YES! Simply put, your penis is going to get engorged with fresh oxygenated blood. This will cause a dramatic increase in size. In the erect state, you'll notice an overall increase of up to 35%. In the flacid state, you'll notice an overall increase of up to 45%. Individual results may vary, but we promise you'll be happy.

5. How can Libigrow benefit my sexual partner(s)?

Great sex with your partner is just the beginning. A healthy sexual relationship between you and your partner is important in enhancing the overall quality of your relationship. When you please your partner sexually, you've accomplished a lot more than you think. Besides, taking Libigrow is fun for all...who would say no to better Sex?

6. Are there any useful suggestions on taking Libigrow?

Yes. We suggest that you take 1 capsule of Libigrow on an empty stomach with 10-12 ounces of water. Don't double up on Libigrow as it will not make the results any better. 1 capsule whenever you want it is what we suggest. Don't take more than 2 capsules in a 3 day period.

7. How soon will I notice the results after taking Libigrow?

If you take Libigrow on an empty stomach, most men notice an effect within 30 minutes. Just remember, sexual stimulation is the key with Libigrow; without it, nothing will happen. You will not get an erection while stuck in traffic...unless you want one that is...

8. Does Libigrow help people who suffer from pre-mature ejaculations?

YES, YES, YES. The best part about taking Libigrow is that you are in total control over your erections. If you have an orgasm and would like to continue, YOU CAN. You don't have to suffer from the 20-30 minute delay that most men deal with after having an orgasm. Simply continue having sex and prepare yourself for your next climax.

Libigrow is an oral supplement advertised as a “male sexual enhancer” that may increase the size, strength and power of erections, and will supposedly increase sexual endurance. The product is advertised as taking effect quickly and improving sexual performance over time.

According to the advertisement, this product is best suited for those who have difficulties acquiring or sustaining a proper erection, or for those who experience problems due to performance anxiety. The product is an alternative to prescription medications, and contains a blend of basic ingredients. We will take a closer look below.

Ingredients at a Glance
Libigrow consists of a blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, plus several herbal extracts. These include Zinc, Niacin and Vitamin E to support the immune system; the amino acid, L-Arginine, to boost nitric oxide levels; Siberian Ginseng to increase stamina and circulation; and Tribulus Terrestris to improve testosterone production.

Ingredients in Focus
L-Arginine is the precursor of nitric oxide, which is needed in the blood for an erection to occur. L-Arginine is thought to improve vascular function, as well as increase muscle protein synthesis and growth, and is used by body builders for building strength.

Zinc is a mineral that primarily supports the immune system and promotes wound healing. It is available in a variety of food sources, and there are complications related to both Zinc deficiency and toxicity from too much of this mineral, so it is important to be aware of how much you are obtaining each day.

Lifestyle Benefits
For men experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction, such as premature ejaculation, inability to get or maintain an erection or loss of sex drive, an oral supplement may be a desirable option. A wide variety of herbal formulas are available – herbs are generally cheaper, more convenient and more supportive of reproductive health than pharmaceutical drugs requiring a prescription, and they usually have fewer associated side effects. This particular formula simply contains a blend of vitamins and minerals, and does not appear to have a great impact on sexual health.

Most herbal formulas contain ingredients that have aphrodisiac properties for boosting the libido. Two popular herbs from the Amazon rainforest of Brazil are Catuaba and Muira Puama; these have been used traditionally in their native land for centuries, and have been shown to relieve fatigue and increase stamina, as well as increase sex drive. No side effects have been associated with either one, and the effects are said to be heightened when combined with one another. For men looking for the most potent blend of herbal extracts, we believe products that include both of these herbs should be sought.

• Ingredients are listed
• Claims to be basic
• No prescription is required

• All testimonials are posted by anonymous sources
• No mention of clinical trials at this time
• Product is relatively expensive
• Formula lacks potent aphrodisiacs

Final Thoughts
We appreciate that Libigrow uses simple ingredients in its formula for enhancing male health, and that it includes some vitamins and minerals that are essential for maintaining overall health.

We feel the formula would benefit from the inclusion of potent extracts with aphrodisiac properties for a greater increase in sexual desire. As discussed, Catuaba and Muira Puama have been shown to be effective in enhancing sex drive, stamina and sensations, allowing for a more satisfying sexual experience.

With so many options available to men for improving sexual health, it may be difficult to choose the most effective formula. It is important to not overlook any crucial element; seeking the most potent blend of herbal extracts that has been shown to work for years and proven by industry awards will make the feelings of disappointment become a thing of the past, and an active sex life something to look forward to on a regular basis.

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Product Info:Do you have “performance anxiety?” Are you scared that your partner won't enjoy sex as much as she should? It may help if you took a sexual enhancer like Libigrow.

Libigrow consists of:

• Zinc 10mg 75%

• Niacin 10mg 76%

• L-Arginine 50mg *

• L-Glutamine 50mg *

• L-Lysine 80mg *

• Soy Protein Concentrate 40mg *

• Siberian Ginseng 30mg *

• Korean Ginseng Root 50mg *

• Hawthorne Berry 25mg *

• Motherwort 25mg *

• Kudzu Root Extract 25mg *

• Colostrum 30mg *

• Tribulus Terrestris 25mg *

• Schisandra Berries 50mg *

• Dioscorea Japonica 50mg *
Vitamin - E

Side-By-Side Product Comparison

Ingredient Overview:

Zinc is an immune system booster. Zinc plays a crucial role in keeping a body healthy. Great sources of Zinc are oysters, pine nuts and other nuts, meats, grains and cereals, legumes, among other food sources. Zinc is reportedly important in promoting male potency.

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Niacin is important in keeping healthy cholesterol levels in the body. Having a healthy circulatory system ensures having a healthy penis, because erection is anchored on the mechanism of blood flowing directly to the penile tissues.

The amino acid L-Arginine, boosts nitric oxide levels which promotes vasodilation (the opening up of blood vessels) and thus increases blood flow; L-Glutamine is an immune booster and plays a crucial role in DNA synthesis; while L-Lysine is a protein building block.

Soy Protein Concentrate is used to treat sexual impotence, exhaustion and fatigue; Siberian Ginseng is known to give increased endurance, improve memory, is an anti-inflammatory agent, boosts the immune system, and protects against chemicals and radiation; Korean Ginseng is used to combat impotence, infertility, and premature ejaculation while revitalizing the rest of the body.

Hawthorne Berry promotes circulation by protecting blood vessels from damage caused by plaque; Motherwort is also another vasodilator; while Kudzu Root Extract is rich in isoflavones, which prevent cancer. But not only does Kudzu Root Extract prevent cancer, it also nullifies the effects of alcohol and reduces the hangover effect.

Colostrum is the component in mother's milk that boosts the immune system; Tribulus Terrestris to improve testosterone production. Testosterone is the hormone that governs fertility in males and also boosts sex drive in both males and females.

Schisandra berries are used in Chinese medicine to regulate body fluids, while Dioscorea Japonica is known to treat anxiety, and thus may be responsible for the “relaxing effect” that users report.


Vitamin E is considered the “love vitamin,” because it promotes sexual health and fertility, aside from being an antioxidant. And because of its antioxidant properties, you would have better skin and you would get that “youthful glow,” which would make you sexier and more irresistible to your partner.

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Libigrow™ is a very powerful herbal formulation which helps to increase sexual pleasure and sexual performance. Libigrow™ is to be used when having difficulty acquiring or sustaining a proper erection or when there is a problem with premature dysfunction due to performance anxiety or other causes. Libigrow™ is an extremely fast and very powerful herbal male sexual enhancement capsule and is quickly becoming one of the most popular Male sexual enhancement capsules available in the US! You will get amazing results from the first pill! And will become more noticeable the more often it is taken. Since Libigrow™ is an herbal Supplement and is not a prescription drug, it does not have the same harmful side effects as prescription drugs. The user simply takes 1 (one) capsule 30 to 60 minutes before sexual activity and the experience will last up to 72 to 96 hours. Libigrow™ increases the SIZE, STRENGTH, and POWER of your ERECTION. It also allows your pleasure to last much longer increasing your sexual endurance. The effects of Libigrow™ have been known to last 24 to 96 hours on a single capsule. Your partner will notice a dramatically vigorous and pleasing change in you. Libigrow™ Benefits: • Libigrow helps you feel much better when having sex - Take one capsule as desired OR every 2-3 days • Libigrow promotes major sexual enhancement, extreme orgasms, and might result in penis enlargement (up to 30%) - take one Libigrow daily for 6-12 weeks • Increased sexual activity and orgasms help to stimulate chemical, hormonal, blood, and nerve changes within the body giving you even better results each time you take Libigrow What Can You Expect After Taking Libigrow™: • There should be a very noticeable increase in size, fullness, and firmness of your penis • You should notice much less problems with premature sexual dysfunction/ejaculation • Sex should be more pleasurable to you and your partner, pleasure will be much more intense • Effects can last up to 96 hours - for repeat performances all night and all day Libigrow™ Recommended Use Take one (1) capsule half an hour prior to sexual activity. As an herbal supplement for men, Libigrow™ works as quickly as 30 minutes and helps to increase sexual pleasure and maximize sexual performance. Libigrow™ Warnings: Do not use Libigrow or products of this type if you have a serious heart condition or high blood pressure unless you have consulted with a medical professional. Consult with your physician before using if you are not sure whether it is right for you. Do not exceed 1 capsule in a 24 hour period. Do not consume excessive amounts of alcohol during the time between taking these pills and having intercourse. Too much alcohol may ruin the effects.

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With only 4 calories and zero sugar, you can’t choose a better product! Libigrow and Libigirl shots are made up of a blend of B-vitamins, amino acids, essential nutrients for your body and as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. With the power and energy from Libigrow and Libigirl shots, you’re ready and energized for anything! If sexual energy, physical stamina and increased performance are what you’re looking for, look no more, your answer is right here in Lbigrow and Libigirl Energy Shots. With just this 2 ounce shot you’ll be ready for harder, stronger, and longer pleasure on command.

Herbal Penis Pills - The 'Hard' Facts:

At we specialize in male enlargement products reviews. These products only use safe and doctors endorsed herbal enlargement products. We have selected 3 very specific products that really deserve all your attention amongst the very large amount of products currently available on the market.
"Are you interested in discovering special methods that some well informed men use to discreetly enlarge their penis ?"

Through this website, we will review these 3 main methods of enlargement based on male herbal enlargement pills, patches and semen enhancers.

Would you like to discover the best penis pills to enlarge your penis ? Discover the best sperm pills to ejaculate large amounts of semen or simply learn more about penis enlargement patches to make your penis bigger with a safe and discreet manner ?
Herbal penis enlargement pills

Herbal penis enlargement pills are one of the well known and popular methods used by thousands of men to help them increase the size of their penis.

Penis pills can also provide other interesting benefits for men looking for a better sexuality : increase sexual desire and libido, stronger erections and best of all, better sexual and social lifes thanks to an increase of self esteem and confidence.

Nowadays, men looking to build up their confidence are already open to the possibility of using herbal penis pills. The myriad of testimonials on how herbal penis pills work and how these medications affect the lives of many men and their partners encourage more people to use such products.

So, if your curiosity has got the best of you and you're considering taking the plunge, it is best to learn how an herbal penis pill can affect your body.

Fast Fact - Penis Pills CANNOT increase your size by 3-4 inches.

Numerous scientific investigations and researches have proven that herbal penis pills can help men develop a larger penis and enhance their libido and most specially, sexual stamina. These benefits are made possible by the natural ingredients contained in each pill that can improve both the measurement and the "performance" of the sexual organ.

Fast Fact - Modern Studies conclude that the average erect male penis is between 5" - 5.9".

Herbal penis pills improve the blood flow in the penis. This, in turn, stimulates growth, thus enlargement thereof. When the blood flow is boosted, the veins in the penis area inflates, thus increasing penis size. The natural ingredients of these pills, however, do not really make the penis longer but they enhance the flow of blood through the veins. As such, the penis enlarges by a few millimeters.

Herbal penis pills are basically helpful in making your erection the best that it can be. When the veins become bigger and the blood flow increases, the end result is a stronger and more rigid erection.

Fast Fact - Penis Pills CANNOT cure impotence or other sexual dysfunctions.

Furthermore, orgasm is also better with herbal penis pills. Since the circulation of blood has been boosted, men's sensitivity will be heightened especially on the area of the penis where there are thrives of sensitive nerves. Intercourse can be more satisfying and intense because of the improved libido and intensity of the erection.

Based on the proven benefits of herbal penis pills, more men prefer to use such medications than undergo a surgery or purchase other supplements because such pills can be equally-effective and are safe to use. This being the case, it is not really surprising that herbal penis pills are widely available in the market for all the men who believe that size matters.

In conclusion, Herbal Penis Enlargement Pills do not function the way that many of manufacturers would have you believe.

However, they do have their benefits, and many men have reported increased libido and better erections while using them.

And those as they say, are the 'Hard' facts.